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The Holistic Well-Being Pledge

As helping professionals, we've struggled with burnout, work/life imbalance, compassion fatigue, and a lack of resources. We've continued to prioritize the needs of our clients over all else, at the expense of our own emotional, physical, and relational well-being.

Over the past few years, most of us have said we want to do better. We've vacillated between saying we want change and actually activating change in our lives.Today, we're committing to do better for ourselves.

helpers pledge
By signing this pledge, we commit to:
  • Seeing ourselves as deserving of support -- in the same way we see our clients
  • Prioritizing our own holistic well-being
  • No longer sacrificing our own needs for the benefit of others
  • Knowing that our best self is best for those we serve

Join the ever-growing list of other helping professionals who have taken the Holistic Well-Being Pledge!

Holistic Well-Being Pledge