Goal Setting & Achievement 

like nothing you've ever seen!

Community benefits include:


Support & Connection:

  • Affinity-based peer networks such as BIPOC Women, Helping Professionals, & more!
  • Daily conversations & 24/7  peer-to-peer support
  • Exclusive community events for self-care, education, & support; online & in-person!

Knowledge & Growth:

  • An ever-growing collection of self-paced learning modules
  • Live webinars and workshops featuring experts from all 8 Success Spheres
  • Access to a library of professional & personal development resources

Experience & Insight:

  • Professionally facilitated group coaching
  • Actionable tips & expert insights
  • Expertly designed by licensed, accredited, & respected industry experts
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When you join the 

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You will be auto-enrolled to receive all the benefits included in our NEW, IMPROVED, and PREMIUM Joy Society App launching in 2023!

The Joy Society App will be your go-to source for enhanced goal-setting and achievement and features a fully interactive, 100% personalized goal-setting experience complete with accountability reminders to ensure that you meet and EXCEED your goals in ALL success spheres!

There is NO OTHER APP like this on the market and by signing up today you're gifting yourself a FREE PREMIUM lifetime ticket to Professional Development Disrupted.

Enjoy All the Free Community Benefits PLUS

  • Professionally Facilitated Group Coaching
  • Private Coaching Sessions for niche groups such as BIPOC Women and Helping Professionals
  • Interactive Goal-Setting Experience
  • Periodic Accountability Check-Ins
  • VIP Access to Guest Q&As
  • Tru Success Evaluation Part 2
  • Tru Success Workshop

In the meantime you can take Joy Society with you on the go with the Mighty Networks App, download instructions inside the community!

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