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Dare to REIMAGINE Success

Being "successful" as a helping professional has always meant putting the needs of others above the needs of ourselves. Selflessness is baked into our job descriptions, and many of us feel that we were called to do this work. The hard part is knowing that we cannot pour from an empty cup. What do we do when rescheduling, delegating, or dismissing tasks doesn't seem like an option and our clients are relying on us to show up with our whole selves every day keeps advancing?

We put our heads down and keep overextending ourselves. We are praised by our clients and our organizations, and our career keeps advancing. But we find ourselves wondering...

  • Is this sustainable?
  • Am I missing something essential?
  • Is this what success feels like?
  • How can I live a more fulfilling life, one where my career works in harmony with my relationships & my personal/physical health?

Chances are, you've been able to convince yourself that giving more than you have to give to those around you is necessary for the greater good and that things will change at some time in the future.

The thing is it isn't necessary and things won't change. Not until you make a change.

Joy Society is the Change You've Been Looking For.

Joy Society is an engaging social membership community of like-minded professionals, leaders, and business owners seeking a more well-rounded and holistic version of success. We provide a unique combination of personal and professional development with courses, conversations, and resources developed by experts in the helping professions, like Dr. Elizabeth Joy!

You're More Than What You Do For a Living


Creating a Better Us for a Better Them!

You have goals that aren't always career-related.

Maybe you want to improve your physical health, level up in your romantic life, or achieve a higher level of emotional well-being.

Did you know that only about 30% of people actually succeed in achieving their goals? This is because most people are missing a KEY ASPECT of goal-setting: accountability.

Your chances of achieving your goals rises 64% when you commit your goals out loud to someone else.

See you in there!