Joy Society

Do You, New

30-Day Challenge


1st Prize Winner

One lucky winner will win $500 CASH, a ONE-YEAR FREE Joy Society Membership, 5 Free Months of Joy Society to share with friends & a 3-piece Joy Society Merch Bundle!

2nd Prize Winner

Our second-place winner will receive $100 CASH, a SIX-MONTH FREE Joy Society Membership, 2 FREE Months of Joy Society to share with friends & a 2-piece Joy Society Merch Bundle! 

3rd Prize Winner

The recipient of the Third Prize will be awarded $50 CASH, 1 FREE Month of Joy Society Membership, and 1 FREE Month of Joy Society to share with a friend & a Cup of Joy Mug! 

Winners will be determined based on a point system, where one point is scored any time a contestant comments on Joy Society's post, tags Joy Society in their own post (or story), or uses the hashtag "#DoYouNew". Points will be tallied using an internal system and winners will be announced on the last day of the challenge, January 30th, 2023.

You are encouraged to participate in the challenge activities in whatever way best suits you. However, we can only distribute prizes based on the criteria outlined above as it relates to social media engagement.

Do You, New Challenge

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