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Overcoming the Discomfort of Putting Yourself Out There

How To Let Go of Perfectionism & Embrace Your Authentic Self Whether it’s asking for a promotion, going to a new exercise class, asking someone out on a date, or applying for a new job — putting yourself out there can be uncomfortable. If you really think about it, there are probably some goals you’ve …

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The Effect of Life Stressor’s on Physical Fitness

“Stress” can mean many different things, and it shows up differently for each of us. No matter what your stress symptoms are, life’s ups and downs can certainly take a toll on your body. Headaches, muscle pain, chest pain, fatigue, stomach upset, and sleep problems are just a few of the wonderful physical symptoms of …

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Is Your Picker Broken?

How to Stop Dating the Wrong People We all have war stories from the dating scene, whether we’re in it now or we’ve been in it in the past. Dating the “wrong” people is just part of the game. It happens to the best of us. But what if you find yourself consistently ending up …

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You Survived…Now What?

Surviving Sexual Assault: The Light On The Other Side The unfortunate reality is that the majority of women (and a large percentage of men, too) will experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime. But we aren’t here to bombard you with more depressing statistics. If you’ve experienced sexual trauma, or any other form …

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The Physical Health Struggle Bus

Why is it so hard to be healthy? Most of us could admit that we’re falling short when it comes to our physical health. We know that being busy with work, family, and the many other hats we wear explains a significant portion of the struggle. Further, new diets, new research, and conflicting “expertise” about …

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Putting Ourselves First…Finally

What Does It Really Mean To Be An “Independent Woman?” As women, we’re taught to put our needs last. Many of us grew up within families where our mother’s or grandmother’s needs weren’t asked after or honored. The language for speaking about women’s needs has not been modeled to us or even developed, in some …

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