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Joy Society is Humanizing Success

Joy Society is for professionals, leaders, and business owners seeking holistic well-being. For so long, we've measured our success by our title, salary, or material possessions.

Join us in redefining what it means to be successful!

We offer professionally facilitated coaching sessions, peer-to-peer support, live and self-paced workshops, our TRU Success Evaluation, and goal accountability checks. However you'd like to tap in, we're here for you.

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Joy Society Mission Statement

The Joy Society Team


Dr. Elizabeth Joy

Our founder & CEO

Our founder had to journey to find her own joy, even though it’s part of her name.  

From a young age, Joy was that friend everyone confided in and turned to for answers. This led her to a rewarding career as a clinical social worker, eventually earning an MBA, and transitioning to a career in corporate business and leadership.

As she continued to obtain her financial and career goals, she couldn’t shake a feeling of emptiness. Like many smart and driven people, she was experiencing the "success" she worked hard to achieve, but she was missing something….JOY. Hidden behind her achievements was a history of traumatic life experiences, and throughout her long journey toward healing, she decided to halt her pursuit of traditional “success.”  This healing journey led to discoveries about how to truly enJOY life and a realization that more opportunities, accolades, and money were not the answer. The most talented and “successful” among us aren’t without human experiences and challenges.

Based on the belief that we shouldn’t have to choose between success and happiness, the Joy Society was founded to expand Joy's work and provide personal and professional development to professionals, leaders, and BlueChips who seek a higher, more holistic level of success.

As an Organizational Psychologist, she leverages business and clinical expertise to design and lead the Joy Society's work supporting leaders and business owners to enhance individual and organizational performance. In her performance coaching practice, she partners with select high-performing BlueChip executives, business owners, investors, and athletes to maintain and elevate business outcomes AND become elite at life using her BluePrints for BlueChips model.


Laine Kolesar

Member Experience Manager

Laine Kolesar began her career as a community-based clinician, working primarily with children who experienced trauma.

While she developed her clinical skills, she began to see the need for macro-level solutions to address the root causes of the traumas her clients were exposed to. She transitioned to prevention programming, empowering formerly incarcerated adults to set and achieve their personal goals, leveraging her clinical skills to assist them in changing substance-using behaviors. She went on to create and run a school-based program for teenagers struggling with addiction.

Throughout her journey as a professional social worker, she struggled with burnout, feeling as if she put everything into her clients and was left drained, stressed, and disillusioned with her work. With Joy as a mentor and role model, she was able to begin moving toward true wellness, and away from stress and burnout. She began to develop new skills, habits, and thought processes, with the goal of building holistic wellness, protecting against future burnout, and allowing her the freedom to give to her clients while still remaining well in her own life. She is passionate about guiding other professionals to a more balanced and fulfilling version of success, one that allows for the realization of both personal and professional goals.