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Your Career, Your Success, Your Life.

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You're more than what you do for a living. In this space, you don't have to choose between career and life success! 

We don't subscribe to the concept of work-life balance but we absolutely believe in work-life harmony.

Professional Development Disrupted!

Joy Society is not just another FACEBOOK GROUP! Joy Society is an engaging social membership community of like-minded and motivated professionals, leaders, and business owners seeking a well-rounded and holistic version of success.  It provides a unique combination of personal and professional development with courses, conversations, and resources developed by subject matter experts like Dr. Elizabeth Joy!

Our 8 Spheres of Success (Social, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial, Romantic, Familiar, and Career)  guide us as we set goals, identify potential barriers, and work towards success in each sphere.


Cup of Joy (1)

A Community of Learning for
Professionals, Leaders & Business Owners!

Cup of Joy is a weekly conversation, where Dr. Elizabeth Joy and Laine Kolesar dive deep and get REAL about the intersections of work and all other areas of life.

Providing you with valuable tips and actionable insight, Elizabeth and Laine share their personal experiences on the journey to holistic well-being.

Episodes are released every Sunday, followed by live group coaching with Elizabeth and Laine throughout the week.

An Engaging Space to be YOURSELF!

At Joy Society, we know that the pursuit of ambitious goals can be exhausting. Sometimes, you just need a place to unwind and vent about your week. Other times, you need some words of encouragement or insight from someone who's been there. When it comes to connection, growth, and support, we have plenty of options:

  • Professionally facilitated group coaching
  • 1:1 coaching
  • 24/7 peer-to-peer support
  • Affinity-based "tribes"
  • Self-paced workshops 
  • Personalized goal-setting program


Joy Society for Businesses

Professional Development Disrupted
professional development

By now, you've figured out that the old way of handling things no longer works. The culture of your organization matters and your ability to be good at "people" will make or break you. Learn about professional development for business the Joy Society way!